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Greenhithe Care Chemist – Samit Patel


Local boy returns to his New Zealand roots as majority owner and principal of the much needed and increasingly popular Greenhithe Chemist

P1010442.JPGThe Patel family moved from Fiji to New Zealand in 1997. They settled in Greenhithe joining their relatives who had already established a thriving local dairy. Sam attended Glenfield Intermediate and thereafter Westlake Boys where he finished his high school studies. A year off saw him working for family in retail at the Greenhithe Liquor store and then travelling to India for an extended period to attend family weddings.

Sam dreamt of being a pilot but was persuaded by friends to look at becoming a Pharmacist. He has never looked back. With 5 years of study successfully completed at the University of Auckland and with the opportunity of working at a number of pharmacies both on the North Shore and in West Auckland, he realised he had found his niche.

Sam is passionate about his job and his self need to deliver excellent standards and high levels of service. Supported by his business partner—Anthony Yee—Sam took the opportunity to fill the gap and open a Care Chemist which he believes suits the Greenhithe community. The Care Chemist brand sets high standards. The philosophy is that the pharmacist is to be a friendly advisor in the community, sought after for advice and trusted, not just a faceless dispensing business. Sam says there are many benefits to using your local pharmacist. He will take time to explain and to talk through your prescriptions with you so you fully understand what you are taking and why. He is front of house and readily accessible. The shop is easy to get to and if requested, he will deliver at any time. He says if you are in need of something there is no reason to wait.  He genuinely cares.

I asked him “What if someone comes in with an embarrassing ailment needing over the counter medicine or advice?”, he just laughed and said he has seen almost everything, nothing shocks or surprises him and of course he is highly confidential.

On top of a great product range Sam offers a photographic service for both digital and film processing. Handy to know is that he also does passport photos in store. He has a morning and afternoon delivery schedule so the wait will never be very long for special request items.

The Greenhithe Care Chemist offers good value for money and as an added bonus has a VIP club. If you haven’t already registered for it you should do so immediately. Purchases earn “Sam $$ Bucks” which can be used towards future shopping. Plans are there for special themed offers to members, health information updates as well as the opportunity to have testing done for e.g. blood pressure or diabetes.

I have noticed Sam has obvious energy and enthusiasm. He is flexible and open to suggestion. A natural leader—he talks and people listen. He says he had great role models when he was doing his internships. Customers have loyally followed him from past pharmacies to his new venture.

Setting up the new Greenhithe Care P1010446.JPGChemist has initially taken all of Sam’s free time. Now established he is hoping to find the time for his other passions. Good food was top of the list as well as his sports, squash and cricket, possibly a little late night salsa dancing or just the chance to read his favourite travel books with the hope that sometime in the future he can fit in a trip or two. 

Sam is an older head on younger shoulders. The local boy is now a qualified, professional man. His career to date has been short and intense and he is loving it. Along with co-owner Anthony Yee, assistant Vitna Kim and locum Priyanka Metha he has a fantastic support team. If you haven’t as yet been in to the new chemist, make a turn… you will be impressed.

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Monday to Friday 8.30am to 6.30pm

Saturday 9am to 2pm

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