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Community Constable November 2014

Hi All

Over the past month we have seen a decrease in reported crimes which is fantastic. Please keep reporting suspicious persons and cars as the silly season is nearly upon us.

Please be aware that the alcohol limit for driving a motor vehicle is about to change. I have outlined the following changes for you however if you require further information please visit the following website:

Lower alcohol limit for adult drivers 20 years and over

From Monday 1 December 2014, the alcohol limit for drivers aged 20 years and over will be lowered.

This change means that drivers aged 20 years and over must not drive if:

  • The amount of alcohol in their breath is more than 250 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath. 
  • The amount of alcohol in their blood is more than 50 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood

For drivers under the age of 20 years, the limit remains at zero.

Drivers who are over 400mcg of alcohol per litre of breath, or 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood, will continue to face criminal sanctions as is currently the case.

Drivers who fail an evidential breath test between 251 and 400mcg of alcohol per litre of breath will receive an infringement notice with a $200 infringement fee and 50 demerit points. Drivers in this range will not be able to elect an evidential blood test.

Drivers who accumulate 100 or more demerit points from driving offences within two years will receive a three month driver licence suspension. An infringement offence will not result in the driver receiving a criminal conviction.

Stay safe

Troy Williamson
Greenhithe/North Harbour Community Constable

Community Constable October 2014

Hi all

As most of you are aware during the last month we had an increase in garden shed breaks. Please ensure you lock your sheds and look into additional security to prevent it from happening to you. It’s a good idea to record your serial numbers, mark your valuable items and if possible remove them from your garden sheds. Security lighting is a great deterrent and installing padlock protectors (Steel casing that goes over your padlocks to prevent them from being cut). You can purchase padlock protectors from all hardware stores. A few examples are listed below.

Lastly there have been a few occurrences recently on the North Shore where people have had an unknown person knock on their front door and ask them some sort of bogus question/enquiry - e.g. can you tell me which variety of rose that is in your side garden? etc etc.... While the resident has been distracted a second unseen offender has gained entry into the house via the unattended open front door and taken wallets/keys/credit cards. Please be mindful of your security even when you are at home and if you do go to speak with an unknown person on your property, please ensure that you close/lock your front door.

Although the above is all doom and gloom, and while crime does occur in our area occasionally, it is still an exception to the rule and we are very lucky to live/work in such a great safe community. 

Also if you haven't done so already please join the email subscriber list at to get regular updates about what's happening in Greenhithe.

Stay safe

Troy Williamson
Greenhithe/North Harbour Community Constable

Padlock protectors

Community Constable September 2014

Over the last month we have seen an increase in burglaries and theft in the wider Greenhithe area. The offenders are again targeting garden sheds stealing high value items including line trimmers, lawn mowers, electric drills etc.

Please ensure you secure your sheds and look into some basic crime prevention to protect not only your garden sheds but home and vehicles (sensor lighting, secondary locks, alarms, cctv, window latches, deadbolts, marking/engraving high value items, dogs, locking your car and NEVER leave valuables in your car) just to name a few.

Most of you are probably aware of the numerous building sites around Greenhithe; this sometimes attracts opportunist thieves who will take what they can so please keep up the reports of suspicious persons/vehicles in our area.

Stay safe

Troy Williamson

Greenhithe/North Harbour Community Constable


Community Constable August 2014

Over the past month we have had an increase in vehicle breaks. A lot of residents are not locking their cars in the evenings before settling in. This makes for easy pickings and opportunist thieves will take advantage of this. Offenders are targeting expensive tools and electronic items. Please lock and secure your vehicles!

Many of you know Sarah Wuthrich from the Greenhithe Community Trust and Neighbourhood Support. She does a fantastic job helping to set up Neighbourhood Support Groups in the Greenhithe area. The majority of streets in Greenhithe now have support groups however there are a number of streets that still require a group or need their groups updated.

The list below are the streets that still require neighbourhood Support Groups, so if you live in any of the streets listed and are interested in setting up a support group then please contact Sarah. It’s a very simple process with long term benefits.

Sarah's contact details are as follows:

021 204 0324

Ashurst Lane, Austin Road, Bernard Magnus Lane, Blacks Road, Churchouse Road, Dene Court Lane, Emily Lane, Greenbough Lane, Greenhithe Road, Huntington Park Drive, Kereru Grove, Kimberley Grove, Kingfisher Grove, Kyle Road, Marae Road, Maryann Place, Monkton Close, Orwell Road, Outlook Road, Rame Road, Remu Place, Roland Road, Samuel Cross Place, Shiloh Way, Tauhinu Road, Te Wharau Drive, Upper Harbour Drive


Stay safe

Troy Williamson

Greenhithe/North Harbour Community Constable


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