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Community Response Plan


This document has been prepared by the Greenhithe Emergency Response Group (ERG) to provide a Community Response Plan (CRP) for the Greenhithe area.

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Public meetings have taken place in Greenhithe with the aim of creating a community based response plan to be activated in a civil defence emergency.  Members of the local community were invited to participate in this process, and have made a significant contribution to the plan.

This document should be seen as a “living document” that will be updated on a regular basis as new information and procedures come to hand.  The community is invited to submit ideas and concerns through the ERG Chair or Panel, and the ERG Panel will meet every six months to evaluate submissions and update the CRP.

The ERG is not responsible to alert the whole community.  The ERG is responsible for alerting key stakeholders and pre-identified vulnerable members of the community.  All members of the Greenhithe community should be encouraged to register with the OPTN text system and the telephone Tsunami Warning system.

However, there is no single method for communicating this plan in an emergency, and the ERG asks that:

In preparation for surviving a civil defence emergency individuals and households should undertake to be personally prepared by:

a)    reading the Community Response Plan

b)    creating and practicing a household emergency plan

c)    assembling and maintaining household emergency survival and getaway kits

d)    aiming to remain self-reliant for at least three days without any external assistance

More information can be found on the back page of the yellow pages or by visiting the Auckland Civil Defence website

The Greenhithe community believes that sirens are a very effective alert for their area and want to include them in Local Warning Systems.

The community asks that Greenhithe area to be considered a high priority when sirens are considered by Auckland Council Civil Defence and Emergency Management as part of the evacuation project currently in progress.