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Fats Wallerjazz.gifThe Jazz club is for musicians to meet and jam together. The music styles will include jazz, blues, boogie woogie, bebop, and stride. Having said that the styles will definitely be limited to the ability of the musicians taking part. The purpose of the club is to meet like minded people who have an interest in creating jazz and blues music. The musicians playing ability is not important as I hope the club will inspire learning and self development.

fats waller band.gifThe club originally met at the Old School House, but I have changed the venue, and now we meet at my house (where I can play the piano instead of the electronic keyboard). This is generally suitable and we can always book the school building if we need to.

bonzo.gifMy piano playing is in its infancy, and I have been very impressed by other pianists which have turned up and proved to be great inspirations (John - I still don't know what you were doing but I'm working on it!).

So, if you find yourself regularly sitting at home practicing by yourself, and wondered what it would sound like with other musicians; here's your chance. Hopefully, the jazz club will provide you and me with the opportunity to develop our playing styles and to have some fun doing it. do dah band.gif

Playing with other instruments is quite an experience as your timing has to be consistent, as opposed to playing solo where every pause can appear for effect (rather than stumbling to find the next chord!). This means songs that you think you can play and you've sub-consciously stopped developing, suddenly become a real challenge when playing with other instruments, (or is this just me!?). So I have found solo is great but more is better.

drummer.gifI have included a list of songs I regularly practice, then if you also practice the same, when you decide to come around for a jam we have common ground straightaway, and it will sound great!. We can always ask the neighbours!! Send me an email for the sheet music.

Call me on 09 413 7170 for a chat.

  • I got Rythym (great Gerswin song - but lots of chord changes)
  • Blue Moon
  • Misty
  • Georgia
  • Ain't Misbehavin' (fantastic Fats Waller song)
  • Moonlight in Vermont
  • Fly me to the moon
  • Over the rainbow
  • Tenderly (Walter Gross)
  • Jingle Bell Rock

And want to add:

  • I'm Ready (Willie Dixon)
  • Good Morning Little School Girl (Sonny Boy Williamson)
  • Baby Please don't go (Joe Williams)