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Rates calculations for 2012/13


Includes a spreadsheet for calculating your rates changes

The basis of rates for 2012/13 has changed.

The following key changes are included:

  • The Uniform wastewater charge is excluded, and is included in a volumetric charge from Watercare (was $514.46/year). This is good if you are a low user, bad if you are a high user so at least you have some control. That has to be seen as good (user pays)
  • The rating basis has changed from land value (NSCC) to capital value (land + house).
  • There is no longer a differential for NSCC vs Waitakere/Rodney/Auckland etc. So there are winners and losers. Ex NSCC are all losers.


  • Download the Excel spreadsheet which contains some sample values (my actuals)
  • Or use the online Google Docs version which may be quicker
  • Follow links here or in the spreadsheet to find your old rates and new rates (estimated)
    Either use the total rates (top row) or the version of your rates that excludes the wastewater charge ($514.46)
  • Either go to the Watercare website (if you are registered) or find your most recent bill and estimate your new payments. You will also need to find your last year's charges. If you don't have them, no matter you can still compare base rates.
  • Enter your new values into the spreadsheet.
  • Post your increase to the facebook page if you want to, or email to


If you don't have Excel or are keen to try it using Google Docs: