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Interesting things to do


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There are many places to walk around Greenhithe:

  • Have you tried the walkway from the end of Oratau Place? How about the walk down to the sandy beach from Remu Place at low tide?
  • On a dry Sunday when there is no motorway building, take a walk or cycle along the new motorway works. It's probably illegal though, so don't say you weren't warned. Once it's built, you definitely won't be able to... It is good fun and something the whole family can do
  • The Animal Trail (submitted by Megan) -- Molly the Pig off Roland Rd loves greens and fruit, she will always reward you with happy grunts. Some of the sheep are also up for a little head scratch and although shy, if you are quiet and still they will come to you.
  • Have you tried the Stairway to Heaven? This consists of 122 steps and ascending gradients from the bottom of Rahui road by the Scout den, over the footbridge and up the cliff face to Marae road.(Warning) do this half way through your walk when you have warmed up,it will get your heart rate up. Good Luck. (Richard's contribution.)

How about some park benches?

Posted by GRRCHA at 2005-10-19 17:47

The Lions Club are working with the Ratepayers Association to get some benches installed at strategic positions. Any ideas where these should go?

Go explore the waterways

Posted by Rhys Utting at 2007-06-10 13:34
I have a dingy down by the scout den with some ors. It is chained up but if you'd like to use it feel free to ask (0276290244) it's loads of fun to explore the beautiful harbour, and it's great for your arms too.
Rhys (malty bar tender)

Rubbish Bins

Posted by Greenhithe Playcentre at 2008-02-28 10:18
Wouldn't it be great to have some rubbish bins at the new playground in Wainoni Park so we don't have to pick up after those people that are unable to walk their rubbish to the bins by the toilets.

New in the village.

Posted by marion pearson at 2008-06-30 11:20
Hi, we've been in the village now for 2 months. We pop into the Malt House every now and again, as one does. First things first is to check out the local. Kids have settled nicely (15 & 12 yr olds)Just wondering if many people go to the fitness group on Mondays 9.30am.

Friends needed!

Posted by Naila at 2010-01-08 15:55
Hi. We are new'ish to Greenhithe and have an 8year old son, and 6 year old daughter. I was wondering if there was any other little 8 year old boys that fancied joining my little boy for learning to skate board and 'playing out' in general. The kids dont go to school at Greenhithe so are a bit far away from all their wee pals :-)