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Keeping Greenhithe Green


A collection of projects in Greenhithe which are beautifying the neighbourhood.


Keeping Greenhithe Green: Waipuia-Oratau ProjectWe aim to clean the weeds and rubbish from local bush reserves and replant the cleared areas with native trees and plants.

We wish to share the knowledge that we gain from being involved in this with other residents so that they can form groups to clear their local reserves or so that they can keep their own sections clear of the weeds which spread to the reserves.

We also wish to inspire those who live locally to take a pride in the area and to help to keep it clean and green.


Current Projects

  • Oratau Reserve.

With the assistance of Auckland Council we have been working in Oratau Reserve between Waipuia Place/Awatahi Place and Windfall Grove/Oratau Place.  After 11 months of weeding and clearing the top/Almond Grove end of the reserve we held a community planting day on 5th June 2011 where local residents came along to help plant native trees & plants on the areas which had been cleared.

This piece of land has often been used as a dumping ground for weeds, newspapers and larger pieces of household and garden refuse, but is also a popular adventure play area for local children and a route to school for those living in Rame Road.  There are many native plants still struggling to survive amongst the invading weeds, but we hope to make it a prettier, cleaner and safer place for everyone to enjoy.

We will welcome any helpers with the weeding and mulching, which takes place Tuesday mornings from 10am for about an hour, weather and enthusiasm permitting.

There are many noxious weeds growing in the reserve, some will have spread from the local gardens and some will have spread to the local gardens, so it is important to control the plants both in the reserve and in the local gardens if long term control is to be achieved.  Information on what noxious weeds look like can be found in leaflets from the council offices or North Shore libraries…or you could contact us and we will help you to identify troublesome weeds.

Do take a walk through the reserve to see the extent of the problem and hopefully watch our progress as we tackle the first area.

  • Oakford Park/Outlook Rd project
A group of local residents from Oakford Park and Outlook Road have cleared weeds and replanted native plants along the banks of the Greenhithe Stream which runs behind houses in these streets.  Weeding in the area is ongoing.


Photo Gallery

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