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Jumping Beans


Jumping Beans is New Zealand’s premier pre-school development programme that has been internationally researched and was developed, here in New Zealand, to provide the best holistic learning and development programme possible.

Safety is paramount at Jumping Beans and we teach the children life saving safety skills right from day one. Each activity and every theme is chosen to develop your child’s brain and learning ability while giving them a fun experience. The more fun we have the more we learn.

Jumping Beans offers a physical skills programme for children from 0-4years of age, with their caregiver in a positive, non-threatening, safe environment.

Motivational classes are offered for separate age groups with specific goals for different ability levels. Class sizes are limited and children work at their own pace, learning successfully in child sized steps.

Informative programme notes on many aspects of child development, including safety, brain development, nutrition and tips for parents, are available for all caregivers.

The colourful gym equipment is specially designed to enhance early childhood development and can be configured in many different ways to intrigue and challenge the children

Jumping Beans is child centred with qualified instructors providing guidance. Parents and caregivers work with the children in classes that suit all learning styles (auditory, visual and kinaesthetic). Language development and self esteem are encouraged through actions and songs. Jumping Beans nurture healthy exercise patterns, a love of learning and success in children through physical activity.

80% of your child’s ability to learn is developed in the first 5 years. The most effective way for the brain to grow and develop is through specific key exercises and we do these specific key exercises at Jumping Beans using our unique integrated approach to child development.

  • Enhancing muscle tone, strength, flexibility and confidence.
  • Learning safety and social skills.
  • Developing balance, co-ordination and concentration.
  • Learning problem solving skills and to enjoy new challenges.
  • Physical, social and intellectual development= well rounded children.


Jumping Beans classes are held in the Greenhithe Village Hall every Wednesday morning. For more information phone Carolyn 022 4628009  or email