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Be Firewise on Guy Fawkes Night!


The Fire Service encourages people to attend public fireworks displays, but if you do plan to use fireworks at home then the following fire safety tips will help

  • Light fireworks in a wide open area away from anything that could catch fire 
  • Stand your fireworks in dirt or sand, or on a firm flat surface
  • Have only one person in the area where the fireworks are being lit and only light one firework at a time
  • Keep your supply of fireworks well away from the area where you are lighting the fireworks, and away from heat or flames
  • Be careful when lighting fireworks.  Always have responsible adults present and don’t let small children light fireworks
  • Follow instructions printed on each firework.  Have a torch so you can read the instructions
  • Light your fireworks at arms length.  Keep your body back and reach out to light a fuse.  Never light fireworks in your hand 
  • Keep clear of fireworks that have been lit but have not gone off.  Don’t try to re-light a dud firework
  • Keep family and friends at least 15 metres away from where the fireworks are being lit
  • Never point of throw fireworks at people, pets, cars or buildings
  • Never ignite fireworks indoors
  • Never carry fireworks in your pocket
  • Never experiment or try to make your own fireworks
  • Clean up after your fireworks display and make sure all the fireworks are out and nothing can start a fire 
  • Keep pets inside and make sure they are not frightened by fireworks
  • Make sure that anyone who has been drinking or who is behaving irresponsibly does not light the fireworks
  • Have a bucket of water or a hose handy just in case something or someone gets burnt
  • Remember a burn is a serious injury and needs to be put under water for 10 minutes while someone dials 111 for help
  • Do not give a sparkler to any child under five years old, and make sure sparklers are not waved in people’s faces.  Sparklers burn at a heat exceeding 700 degrees Celsius so make sure they are held well clear of any combustible material
  • Put sparklers into a bucket