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Help our Firefighters to fight Leukaemia


This year on the 19th of May, nine members from the Greenhithe Volunteer fire brigade will again be participating in the annual Firefighter Sky Tower Challenge.

This involves firefighters racing up 51 flights - or 1,103 Sky Tower steps, wearing full firefighter kit and breathing apparatus weighing up to 25kg. 
It is a challenging event both mentally and physically, but we are more than happy to put ourselves through a few minutes of pain, as it give us a chance to help out a great cause and raise funds for the New Zealand Leukaemia and blood foundation. 

You too can support your local fire brigade by going to the link listed below and making a donation and/or offering a word of support to the guys who will be training hard over the next few weeks in preparation for the big event. 

All the funds raised go directly to the LBF.

Skytower Challenge

On track ...almost there ..still need your help

Posted by Steven Hey at 2012-05-07 13:57
As at 13:00 today the Sky Tower Team from the Greenhithe Volunteer Brigade had raised $1,321 for Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand (LBC).

We're well on our way towards our target of $1,500 for this years climb. As an event the fire-fighting teams as a whole have raised over $107,000 ...we're hoping to break $200,000 this year fingers crossed.

Big thanks to everyone who has supported us so far ...and to those who are about to ;-)

You might see us around the village at night, runing up and down the stairs near the Scout den or at Koki rd ..hopefully we don't scare anyone.

Two weeks until those bl**dy stairs ...all in a good cause!!

Senior Fire Fighter - Steve Hey

Next Saturday ...nerves are building

Posted by Steven Hey at 2012-05-14 14:56
Almost there with the training and well over our target of $1,500 of today we've have donations of $1,936 for Greenhithe, with the event having raised over $141,000

Thank you to everyone who's supported us ...and for those who still want to we'd love to break last years record and raise over $200,000.

Looking forwards to Saturday afternoon (it'll be over !!) - Senior Fire Fighter Steve Hey

All done ..and over $319,00 raised

Posted by Steven Hey at 2012-05-22 11:08
Thanks to evveryone who supported the Greenhithe Sky Tower Challenge Team

As a brigade we raised $2,866

And as an event we raised $319,469

Well done to Arron who has retained his position as our fastest sky tower runner ….closely followed by Jonno

...and the results
Place Time Category Place
Arron Brown 48 13:32 35
Jonno Maskell 184 16:41 122
Pinakin Patel 187 16:44 124
Craig Worthington 219 17:20 60
Steven Hey 220 17:21 61
Paul Lagataki 248 18:13 154
Nick Wells 49 18:14 155
Matt Walkinshaw 319 22:46 189

….and I lost 2kg

Until next year ;-)

Senior Fire Fighter Steve Hey