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Royal New Zealand Navy Seasprite Helicopter Training Mission


The winning bidder will receive a passenger ride in a RNZN Super Seasprite during a training mission out of Whenuapai Airbase.  The flight should be between 1 and 3 hours in duration and may include any of the primary or secondary missions of the Seasprite.  

Seasprite mission

These missions may include anti-surface warfare training in the Hauraki Gulf with a training Maverick missile, winching evolutions to any of the RNZN ships, confined area landings in a state forest, or a variety of other options.  The flight will NOT involve any live firing exercises or night over-water flight.  The 6 Squadron aircrew will make an effort to include the winner's requests in the flight profile with exact details to be coordinated later.  The time and date of the flight will depend on 6 Squadron scheduling, aircraft availability, and the winner's schedule.  

Unforeseen operational requirements may prohibit 6 Squadron from honoring the agreement at which point the winner will receive a full refund.  All necessary flight safety gear will be provided for the flight to include a helmet and flight suit.  Winner shall wear comfortable clothing with long sleeves and long pants, and athletic footwear.  

The SH-2G(NZ) Super SeaSprite, operated by the Royal New Zealand Navy is primarily flown from the two RNZN Class Frigates. The SeaSprite  has radar, electronic sensing equipment, night vision goggles, forward looking infra-red, and can carry the Mk 46 torpedo, AGM 65 Maverick Missile, Depth Charge, Chaff, Flares,  and the 7.62mm MAG-53 Machine Gun. It employs these weapons systems in its primary role on anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare. The SeaSprite is also fully capable of conducting secondary roles such as lifting and winching. The RNZN operates 5 Super SeaSprites at 6 Squadron based in Whenuapai 

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