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How to create and upload content to the site


A brief how-to to get you going

How to add documents, folders, images and other types of content to the '' site.

Adding content to the website site is a simple process. In order to add or edit content, you must be logged in to the site and you can only add content in the parts of the site where you are allowed to (this is called having permission). As a site member, by default you will have permission to add content to your member folder, so this is a good place to practice -- you can always move it later. The administrator can give you access to other folders too, such as the one for your group. If you don't already have this, ask by emailing

To begin, make sure you are logged in to the site. Then, navigate to your member folder by clicking on "my folder" in the personal links bar in the upper right-hand corner of the page. If you are adding to a group folder, navigate there by using the regular menus.

Your folder will open in "View". This means you will see all of the items inside your folder, almost as if a website visitor would see. The difference is that you will have some extra menus and tabs around the middle section. If you haven't added anything to your folder yet, the only item that will be in your folder is a document called "Member's home page" (where Member is your username).

The website consists of navigation items and special boxes, called portlets. The middles section is the content frame, and it is here that your content will be displayed once loaded. It's also where all the editing is done. Action menus are accessed from immediately above the content frame: there is a drop-down list 'add item' which allows you to add new types of content, including documents, events, files, folders, images, news items, etc.

All types of content will have a name, a title and a description. The name becomes part of the item's web address, and is initially automatically created from the title (so be careful!). The title will appear in the navigation structure and at the top of the page. The description should provide a brief summary of the item and will appear beneath the title in bold plain text (note that there can be no formatting or line breaks in the description).

There are many different types of content available in the '' site. Probably the easiest way to learn about them is to play with them. In the meantime, here's a brief description of the ones you will use most commonly:

  • A Page is simply a web page. You can write document content in HTML through an editor. A Page is normally only visible from the folder where it was created (or moved) and through the Search facility. You can use this content type to make your 'home page', and set this as the default view for your folder. If you do, visitors will see this. The website home page is an example of this. You can do pretty much what you like with a 'Page', but it is not as flexible as a traditional web page, just easier!
  • A File is an external document type, such as a word document or a pdf file. You can add just about any type of file to the website. When members of the public navigate to your file, they will be able to download the document you uploaded. You can easily link to a File from a Page.
  • A Folder is a place to store other objects. For instance, you might create a folder within your members folder where you keep images. You probably won't need this unless you are creating lots of content, maybe a folder of photos, perhaps to archive off older items (like last years meeting minutes).
  • A News Item is a special type of document that becomes visible on the "News" tab. This type of object should be used for announcements and things like that. Try and limit yourself to news items of general interest or to promote something special, as all News Items appear everywhere in the site. Only the Site Administrator can approve News Items to be published (ie visible to other users in the 'news' section).

Have a go, and ask if you have any trouble. The next step is Publishing your content if you don't want anyone to see it just yet, you can change the 'state' to 'Make Private' through the menus.

There are other content types that appear in the drop down menu. Some of them may be useful to your needs. If unsure, either just try them or ask You can add polls, forms, blogs and more.

Other References:

Since this is a 'Plone' website, any references in are generally relevant. 

Instructional short videos on content creation and editing can be found here.