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Greenhithe Youth Facilities


Council has allocated funds in the 2010-2011 financial year for the development of a youth facility in the Greenhithe area.

It will be a local facility intended to service the local community which will be reflected in the size and scale of the development.
It is envisaged that the facility will be made up of a street skate area with a range of other activities to cater to youth.  The development will
be landscaped and planted to reflect the surrounding environment and provide associated facilities such as seating and drinking fountains.
Two sites are currently being considered, these are Wainoni Park and Collins Park.  Council is currently undertaking a detailed investigation of both sites
which includes an assessment of the planning and consenting requirements for each site as well as the physical opportunities and constraints.
Once this has been completed then local residents will be invited to provide their input.
Council has also allocated funds for a regional youth facility at Hooten Reserve in Albany.  

Youth facility

Posted by Gareth Price at 2010-09-07 12:43
Why is it that residents are "consulted" after the council has made up its mind. Residents should be encouraged to have an input to the original investigation otherwise the "consultation" is merely going through the motions of legal requirements. What is new???

Youth facility

Posted by Bwqtqw Pweqq at 2010-09-07 13:26
I would say that is so that residents can provide input based on professional designs and impact studies, rather than base residents' input on their own best or worst imagination of how it might be. It sounds quite rational to me.

Skate Park

Posted by Mike Diver at 2010-09-20 22:46
I'm all for a Skate Park in Greenhithe, somewhere for the Skate Boarders in our community to meet, making friendships and keeping away from the School! Skate parks in other places on the North Shore are a great success and helps to keep those using them fit.

I believe it would be a bad decision to locate the Skate Park at Wainoni Park for both the Skaters and our community at large.

The successful skate parks like Browns Bay and Forrest Hill are out in the open and in full view of the passing public. This stops the 'wrong' youth from congregating and minimises the potential for illegal activities. Talking to a Skater the other day, I understand that Marlborough skate park, which has a good setup, is not popular by some Skaters because it attacts the 'wrong' crowd, has instances of stealing and broken glass. The Marlborough skate park is hidden away from public view. To me Wainoni park would be similar. Commonsense really isn't it.

To me the best place for the Greenhithe skate park is in Collins Park, close to the road frontage where frequent traffic passes by, allowing us to clearly see what is going on and hence providing a safer place for real Skaters to have some fun. Collins Park has plenty of room and a skate park would not get in the way of summer cricket or the summer concerts programme. I'm not saying there wouldn't be any problems but it is much easier to keep an eye on and police.

Let's support our youth and give them a skate park in Collins Park that is a fun and safer place to be.