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Greenhithe Youth Facility - memo from Council


Memo 17 January 2011

To: Greenhithe Residents and Ratepayers Association

CC: Upper Harbour Local Board Members

From: Julie Pickering, Manager, Asset Development & Business Support North

Subject: Greenhithe Youth Facility

Background of Project

The purpose of this memo is to update the Greenhithe Residents and Ratepayers of the youth facility project located in Greenhithe.

North Shore City Council ( NSCC ) through the LTCCP, allocated funds for youth facilities in the old Albany area which included Greenhithe. It was the intention of the NSCC Parks Department to extend the existing Youth facility at Hooten Reserve and build a new youth facility at Collins Park. The North Shore City Council Playground Plan identifies Collins Park as the location in Greenhithe.

For some years the community in Greenhithe have voiced their need for a local youth facility for their community. Furthermore in March 2010 a further $150, 000.00 was allocated to a youth facility, from the sale of North shore holdings land, by NSCC.

In the 2009-10 financial year planning work began on a proposal for 2 Youth Facilities in the new Upper Harbour community, a youth facility extension at Hooten Reserve (as an extension of the existing youth facility), intended to become a regional facility, and a new local youth facility in Greenhithe (this will be a much smaller facility catering for locals).

Both of these sites were identified in the North Shore City Council Playground Network Plan. This document was written as a guide allowing us to identify gaps and needs of communities in and around playground and youth facilities throughout the old NSCC communities. The document enables provisions for youth and playground facilities where there is currently little or none in that community. Both Hooten Reserve and Collins Park were individually recognised as places where funding should be applied to meet the needs of the local communities.

To confirm that the most appropriate site was chosen within the Greenhithe community NSCC looked at a number of locations. This feasibility work started in January 2010, the parks considered were

  • Collins Park (2 locations) ,
  • Wainoni Park ( 2 locations),
  • Greenhithe War Memorial Park
  • Orchard Reserve.

Through the feasibility work it was considered that in fact only 2 parks would be more suited to a Youth facility. Consideration was given specifically to Collins Park and Wainoni Park where further feasibility works continued. The Parks Department in August last year approached a group of local teenagers/skaters and the community police constable to establish a group of community people to work with regarding the project. During this exercise it became clear that there were pros and cons for each site and concept designs for both parks were developed as part of this process.

Current Situation

After further feasibility works it has become clear that Collins Park is the best option for the Youth Facility. The large road frontage of the site, will give the greatest visibility, safety and access, to park users thus providing a safe park for the community. Further more the initial obstacle of impeding on the cricket/rugby open space has been overcome with the careful placement of the youth facility into an L shape.

Prior to Christmas a letter and plan was sent out to residents surrounding Collins Park informing them of the current proposal at Collins Park, and informing them of a contact person should they wish to discuss the matter further. As a result of this correspondence we are now liaising with a number of residents regarding their queries. It is our intention to minimise any issues and address any concerns prior to resource consent lodgement.

We now plan to hold an information evening on Monday 7 February 2011 between 5.00 pm till 7.30 pm at Collins Park. The project team will be on site to discuss the project, showing the concept plan for the park etc. Letters will be sent out again to those residents directly bordering the park in the hope that they drop by.

Comments and feedback received at this time will be included in the resource consent application.

Collins Park

The establishment of a youth facility at Collins Park site within the Recreation 2 zone will require resource consent as a non- complying activity. It is likely that the resource consent for the project will be lodged in March 2011.

A decision on the consent being publicly notified will be made by Auckland Council Planners upon receipt of the application. Should this be publicly notified then the process will further allow the local community and those surrounding Collins Park to formally express their views and any concerns or support they have for the project in front of independent commissioners. The outcome of the resource consent process will determine the next step in the process.

If the resource consent is approved, work will begin as soon as practically possible after a contract tender process.

Information and consent/construction timeframes will then be circulated to the Upper Harbour Local Board

The funding is current financial year funding therefore we will be endeavouring to have the project completed by June 2011.

Should you have any direct queries relating to the project please do not hesitate to contact or that are best suited to answer any queries.