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Missing Pots - offenders apprehended


Update on the pots/ornaments story.

I would still like complainants to come forward with any more complaints as offenders have been apprehended in regards to these pots/ornaments thefts. Quite a few pots/ornaments have since been identified by the complainants (and will be returned to them) which is an outstanding result. It just shows (again) how important it is that incidents no matter how small they appear, cannot be claimed from insurance or where it "seems to hard and difficult" to report to Police should be reported as sometimes they are solved.

Residents of Greenhithe are getting really good in regards to reporting these incidents and therefore this trend was able to be recognised early on and when some vigilant neighbours (who were alerted about the problem by this time) phoned the Police in relation to the below incident the pot/ornament saga has been able to be resolved. Great work and these neighbours will know who they are when they read this article….



After being spoken to in an area canvassed by Police in relation to the theft of some outdoor furniture in the street they contacted Police when a truck and vehicle turned up at their neighbours address.  The vehicles were occupied by 4 people who had returned under the cover of darkness to steal the remaining outdoor furniture.  The neighbours went outside confronted them and passed the registration numbers on to Police.


As a result of their actions Police were able to stop the two vehicles and arrest 3 offenders, recover the previously stolen furniture and uncovered a theft ring responsible for numerous thefts (of pots/ornaments) around Greenhithe and Albany.


Well done to them for being vigilant and caring neighbours.  A great way for new neighbours to meet.




Detective Sergeant Adam Lough



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