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Nia classes


Nia classes beginning in Greenhithe from Thursday 19th July in the Old School Building 12.30 to 1.30pm. Phone Sally Cook 09 424 1424 for details or go to or

What is Nia?
“Watch out – this can change your life!”
Carlos AyaRosas, Nia co-founder

Nia (pronounced “Nee-uh”) is a transformative movement practise created through the combined focus and exploration of Debbie Rosas Stewart and Carlos AyaRosas in 1983.  Originally an acronym for Non-Impact Aerobics, it later evolved to stand for Neuromuscular Integrative Action.  Now however, it is simply Nia, which in Swahili means, “with purpose”.

The purpose behind the practise of Nia is to integrate the realms of body, mind, emotions and spirit through the awareness and joy of movement.  Nia is a body-centered practise comprising the energy of nine movement forms.  It blends the power and precision of the Martial Arts (Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do and Aikido), the joy and expression of the Dance Arts (Jazz, Modern and Duncan Dance) and the awareness and alignment of the Healing Arts (Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique and Yoga).  This holistic combination creates a powerful yet mindful practise based upon the science of The Body’s Way.

The Body’s Way provides a road map to health and wellness and Nia routines are crafted such that the The Body’s Way is enhanced, restored, honoured.  What this means for students is that they know every Nia class can be personally “tweaked” to suit anybody regardless of age or health.  The health and fitness industry is full of classes encouraging students to “follow the leader” and aspire to move like the teacher.  The difference with Nia is that trained teachers act as movement guides, empowering the student to find his or her Own Body’s Way through listening to the voice of the body (sensation) while they move through choreographed sequences (katas) and guided freedance.

The benefits of Nia move way beyond the physical.  The healing qualities inherent in rediscovering the joy in movement, in rediscovering the guiding power of sensation and ultimately in rediscovering self lie at the heart of this sacred practise that is steadily growing here in New Zealand.