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School holiday ideas


from Upper Harbour School

Here are some ideas for holiday activities that are FREE!!! Enjoy! Here are some great ideas for activities at home based on your child's age. Running out of ideas for things to do at home? Try some of these – you’ll be helping your child learn too. Give it a go!

Things to try with your...

5-year-old • Make jelly together. • Play shops. • Play shape-spotting next time you go shopping. • Grow some beans or carrots. • Sort your recyclable rubbish\together at your local recycling centre.

6-year-old • Fly a kite. • Set up an obstacle course together in the backyard or lounge. • Make sock puppets and compose a play. • Make a shapes-and-colours mobile. • Start off sentences and get your child to finish them off so that they rhyme.

7-year-old • Jumble up words and get your child to unscramble them. • Make some paper planes and see whose can fly further. • Play shadow tag (you’re 'in' if the other person stands on your shadow). • Gather some leaves and do some leaf rubbings with pencil and paper. • Fill some glasses with different levels of water and tap them with a fork to make tunes. • Play a game of marbles. • Wash the car together and have a water fight.

8-year-old • Play hangman. • Use a long rope for skipping together. • Go to the beach or river and do some stone-skimming. • Make a school autograph book for friends to write in. • Have a game of 'Who am I?' (you think of a person, and can only answer “yes” or “no” as your child asks you questions to guess who you are).

9-year-old • Play elastics together. • Have a scavenger hunt at the beach with a list of things to find. • Cut out words from the newspaper to make a message. • Play the 'What’s Missing?' game (place five to 10 objects on a tray, your child has a five-second look, then has to guess what’s missing after you take one thing away). • Have a go at mahi whai (string games).

10-year-old • Make a homemade pizza together. • Play charades. • Have a game of French cricket (where the batter’s legs are the wickets). • Go on a night bush walk with torches. • Make up a treasure hunt (try using a compass).

11-year-old • Play wall tennis together . • Make a map and have a go at orienteering. • Write the names of five friends and use the letters to make as many words as you can. • Go on a day tramp in the bush. • Paint some rocks to use as paperweights or door stoppers.