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Local Board Kick Off - report


Ian Kerr - 4 November 2010

Auckland Council LogoLast night Debra Manley and I attended the very first Upper Harbour Board Committee Meeting to support our new Councillors into their new roles.

The evening began with the traditional introductions of the new Upper Harbour Councillors, a Maori prayer, then again in English, followed by the swearing in of the Councillors.

The most exciting and compelling news however is that the Greenhithe Residents have excellent representation in the new Upper Harbour Board!

Margaret Miles (who is already a loyal member of the Greenhithe Residents and Ratepayers Association) along with Christine Rankin who lives in Greenhithe have been voted in by their community as our new Councillors within the Upper Harbour Board. Adding leverage to this is that Margaret has been voted in as Deputy Chairman for the Upper Harbour Board by her peers for a term of 18 months under Brian Neeson. This is a fantastic achievement for Margaret and when you next have chance to do so, please congratulate her on this fantastic news. As we all know, Margaret works tirelessly for the North Shore region and has been an absolutely credit to our community as a whole – not to mention her home village Paremoremo but also Greenhithe.

Congratulations Margaret, our very best wishes are with you in your new role!

At the close of formalities, Debra and I approached Margaret and Christine to congratulate them both on their appointments. At the same time, we wanted to ask for their support and guidance in presenting our soon to be developed Village Plan to their fellow Councillors. Christine for one had very strong views on this and stated very clearly that she will do whatever it takes to ensure Greenhithe has as much visibility as possible within the new Board and that she too had many goals for our shared Village that would keep it great and make it even greater. Margaret also offered her continued support and wanted to assure us that she will do all she can to initially make sure that all that has been budgeted to be done in Greenhithe including roading and initiatives we have highlighted over the previous months, are all completed as planned and that she will support us in executing our future initiatives for the Village in the medium to long term.

As busy as both Margaret and Christine will become, Debra and I invited them both to our next meeting ad they both kindly said they would be happy to attend. As you can see, this support from them both will become immensely valuable to our community in the coming years and we should be very appreciate to them for that – particularly as we build our Village Plan.

With regard to the Village Plan, a number of people interested in contributing their time and ideas will be meeting on Monday 8th

November at the Greenhithe Cafe at 7.00pm where we will begin consolidating our ideas and wish list in readiness for developing our Village Plan. All are welcome to attend!