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Whenuapai - George Wood is at it again


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George Wood

  • Whenuapai as a civilian airport: "What a great way to get some competition and price busting of landing charges at Auckland Intl. airport?" Is the decision to consider PPPs to operate Whenuapai under the new Defence White Paper 2010 taking us right back to the beginning.

Margaret Miles
  • Gosh George I thought you would have learnt by now that many many residents on the north shore do NOT want Whenuapai developed as an airport. That was one of the key reasons you were voted out as mayor. You may think that your new ward would accept it but just remember many of your voters in Beachaven Birkdale area were also opposed to the airport too. Give up on it George and concentrate on keeping the super city rates down.


Posted by Tony Barker at 2010-11-05 16:55
George,give it away.Birkdale/Beach Haven dont want it,and look whose electorate it sits in----he wont want it either.It's about as stupid as a rail link to Albany