Bus changes in Greenhithe and Unsworth Heights

From Sunday 11 June 2017

As part of the launch of the West Auckland New Network, from Sunday 11 June the 130 and 956 bus services will no longer operate.

The 130 will be replaced by the 120 which will run between Henderson, Westgate, Hobsonville, Greenhithe, and Constellation Station.
A new 902 service will run between Unsworth Drive and Constellation Station.

Two New Bus Services

120 – The new 120 bus service travels between Henderson and Constellation Station only, with a more direct route between Westgate and Constellation Station.  Some of these trips, extend to Akoranga Station during peak school times on school days.

The 120 will operate every half hour until 7pm and then hourly until 10pm, seven days a week. See the new 120 timetable for detailshere.

902 – The new 902 service will operate between Constellation Station and Unsworth Drive.  It will not serve Albany Highway and Upper Harbour Drive. See the 902 timetable and map below.

Buses to Takapuna

There will no longer be any bus service that travels all the way into the city or Takapuna from Greenhithe.

To get to Takapuna passengers will need to transfer at Constellation Station to a bus heading to Smales Farm or Akoranga Station and then transfer again to any bus departing to Takapuna.

To get to the city passengers will need to transfer at Constellation Station to the Northern Express heading to Britomart or any bus heading to Wellesley St.

Bus Journey Planner

Use the Journey Planner to find your best options.  Download the AT Mobile app on your phone, or go to www.AT.govt.nz/bus-train-ferry

These changes are part of the roll-out of the New Network across Auckland.
We are launching the West Auckland network in June and will complete the North Shore New Network in 2018.  For more information visit www.AT.govt.nz/NewNetwork

Bus Timetable

Route 902 timetable from 11 June 2017


Morning   Afternoon
Depart Unsworth Drive Arrive
Constellation Station
Constellation Station
Unsworth Drive
6.40 6.55 15.45 16.00
7.00 7.15 16.15 16.30
7.20 7.40 16.45 17.00
7.40 8.00 17.15 17.30
8.00 8.20 17.45 18.00
8.20 8.35 18.15 18.30
  18.45 19.00


Bus Routes for Greenhithe