In the 60s and 70s Greenhithe was simply farmland and the area was dominated by only a handful  of farmers. As Auckland grew and access to the North Shore improved, so this land was sold off and developed. The community of Greenhithe was formed.

Greenhithe is a suburb of the North Shore of Auckland.


In 2001 Greenhithe had a population of 4,170, according to the census. It showed dramatic growth after the North Shore City Council determined that it was to be a major growth area. By 2006, the population had increased to 6,390.[1] Where once the typical section size was a quarter to half an acre, the newer subdivisions of Wainoni, Admiral’s Court and more have reduced that to around 600m2 (with a quarter acre being a shade over 1000m2). As from 1 November 2010, Greenhithe is under the governance of the Auckland Council.


Historically, Greenhithe extended from the Upper Harbour Bridge through to Wainoni Park in the north, but new subdivisions have extended the urban boundaries through to “Greenhithe North”, including the northern part of Kyle Rd and Schnapper Rock. Until a proposed bridge is built to join the two Kyle Rds, these areas may have more community affiliation with Albany.

Greenhithe is bordered by Lucas Creek in the north and Hellyers Creek in the south. Transit NZ built the Upper Harbour Motorway through Greenhithe, completed in late 2007.